Concerning Singers

No one who doesn’t sing can imagine what this study entails. What normal mortal feels what shape his tongue feels like in his mouth, what a high harmonic feels like above the head, what a low diaphragm feels like and how that changes the sound?

The study of singing is to study internal aerodynamics, and feel a kind of geometry as sound is created, a geometry of vibration which is subjectively recognizable during the act of singing.

I do not pretend to be very scientific, although I have looked in the very interesting recent books, and heard lectures coming from the researchers on vocal studies.

There are so many ways to approach this study. Most young students have no idea what sounds good, what is the feeling of ‘the good sound’. They have to learn to focus on the inside workings of the mouth, palate, the uvula, study every possible tension in the throat, neck, torso, scalp, and how it affects timbre. Breath pressure, from where it comes, higher or lower in the torso, Then learn how to displace the vibration from one part of the head to another, how to increase breath pressure without forcing, and all of this accompanied by the basic drive which is love of the music and not to divorce oneself from the desire to express oneself musically.

Then at some point one can let go, the technique resulting from the hours and years of practice has become reliable and stable, one can finally be spontaneous and hook on to the level of emotion, and one is on the way to become an artist!

I may add, that this process never ends, the discoveries are infinite, one is never the same two days in a row. It means that every day needs to be a day of study, because the technique in a 20-year old throat will not be the same any more in a 30 or 40 year old one, the body will be different, the weight distributed differently. If everything goes well, one continues to grow and get better with the years!

Every musician knows how wonderful it is to play or sing a piece one knows for 20 years. The levels of interpretation and communication get so rich, so surprising to oneself and to the public.

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